As the site grows, it's a bit of a challenge to figure out where to put things sometimes. 


Travelogues now have their own category - everything from a trip will be in the trip's folder.


So, what's a viewer to do?


Don't forget that there's a search built into this site!


You can search by railroad (CN, CN Rail, BNSF, etc.), you can search by states and provinces using the appropriate two letter code (CA, AZ, NU, MB, etc.).  Want to see all cabooses because you're a caboose fan?  Type "caboose" into the search box.  Want to see just polar bears?  Type "polar bear" in the search box.  You've got it!


New galleries have extensive keyword usage, and I'm going back and working on the old galleries.


Your feedback is appreciated as we seek to make the site user-friendly for all.  Thanks!