Laughing Frog Images | C&O 614, Pittsburgh to Rockwood, 9/27/1980
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On September 27, 1980 C&O 4-8-4 #614 powered an excursion from B&O's Grant Street Station in Pittsburgh, PA to Rockwood, PA and return.

The original images were made on Kodachrome 64 slide film. I was still in my formative days, and they have been rescued by virtue of modern technology and onOne Perfect Photo Suite.

The black and white images emulate the profile of Kodak Panatomic X film.

I couldn't resist removing the Exxon sign from one of the images at CF Tower...

You may notice that I didn't crop all of the images - I left them as scanned so that you can determine the most appropriate crop for what you'd like to do with the image.

On a somber note, in 1987 CF Tower was destroyed in a derailment that also killed the Operator. I watched many a train from that tower...
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