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Images of the Union Pacific on the rails of the former Western Pacific Railroad.

I missed the WP by almost 20 years, so I have to rely on my imagination for what was, but nonetheless it's a fantastic experience to see and photograph the WP line between Portola and Oroville, CA.
UP 4472 West and autoracks.  Pulga, CA.UP 4472 West.  Pulga, CA.UP 4953 West threads a tunnel.  West of Pulga, CA.UP 4953 West.  Between James and Oroville, CA.UP 4953 West.  James, CA.UP 4953 West.  Pulga, CA.UP 4953 West.  West of Pulga, CA.UP 6007 West, Portola CA - 1UP 6007 West, Portola CA - 2UP 6007 West, Portola CA - 3UP 8658 West.  Oroville, CA.Westbound doublestack color.  James, CA.

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