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The West End has been the informal name of the Baltimore & Ohio / Chessie System / CSX rail line between Cumberland, MD and Grafton, WV for decades.

It's storied mountain railroading, involving separate and distinct grades, manned helpers, and man and machine versus mother nature.

These images are a start to this gallery. These images were scanned at 2400 dpi using top-end equipment of the day (early 2000's). I will eventually get around to rescanning these - and more - at 5000 dpi for your printing pleasure. For now, we'll have to settle for our viewing pleasure, and smaller prints, in the meantime.
B&O 4162 EastB&O 4162 East at M.P. 243.7B&O 4162 East with coal loads, Terra Alta WVC&O 8555 at M.P. 248.6 trails a helper setCSX 8342, East Grafton WV 10/1990CSX 8568 East at M.P. 247CSX 8568 East at M.P. 249CSX 8632 trails a Helper Set at Graveyard Curve.CSX 8633 East at M.P. 245.9Q Tower and westbound empties, Hardman WVQ Tower's rods, Hardman WVTanner Siding RoadWestbound empties at dusk.  Rowlesburg WV

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