Fifi is the only operable Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bomber in the world as of March 2015.

I was privileged/honored/fortunate to see Fifi at the Van Nuys Ca Airport, and even more so to watch her start up (video here) and see her fly.

I did something different for this gallery.

All images were made in color using a Nikon D-90 and Tamron 18-270 lens. I then used two different black and white effects in Perfect Photo Suite 9 - one is a gritty effect that mimics how these images might have appeared in a 1940's newspaper, and the other is a cleaner effect that mimics Kodak's legendary Tri-X black and white film. And, there are a few color images as well.

The Commemorative Air Force are the folks that keep Fifi going, and made that day and these images possible. My thanks to all who make Fifi happen.
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