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These images are a start to this gallery. These images were scanned at 2400 dpi using top-end equipment of the day (early 2000's). I will eventually get around to rescanning these - and more - at 5000 dpi for your printing pleasure. For now, we'll have to settle for our viewing pleasure, and smaller prints, in the meantime.
ATSF 110 East, Arizona Divide, Flagstaff AZ 1990ATSF 110 East, Maine AZ 1990ATSF 5026 West, Maine AZ 1990ATSF 5066 East, Joliet IL, 1980ATSF 5402 East, Arizona Divide, Flagstaff AZ 1990ATSF 5701 East, Joliet IL 1980ATSF 8130 East, Joliet IL 1980

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