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A selection of images from the 2015 San Dimas (CA) Rodeo.

This is a PRCA event, and not the type of thing you generally expect to be happening about 30 miles away from Los Angeles. The common perception is that life's a beach out here, and the reality is that it's really not that way at all.

This is a view-only gallery due to the realities of licensing and model releases, but it's still a fun and interesting look at the men, women and animals that are rodeo.

I've done a lot of things that people consider to be less than sane in my life. I don't think that riding a bucking horse or bull are going to be added to my list. However, I am going to argue that rodeo requires a fine balance between brains, bravado and b**ls. Just look closely at the pictures, and I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion.

Note: These images are straight from the camera - no corrections or post-processing.
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