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I discovered the PH&D with a forgotten cohort in July of 1982. In December of 1984, the PH&D was purchased by CSX.

I was shooting Kodachrome 64 - each slide cost me just shy of a quarter for film, postage and processing. I was making $4-5 dollars an hour through various summer enterprises. And I lived over 300 miles away. 30+ years later, I wish I'd shot more... I have too many memories of the people that made the railroad what it was, and too few pictures of them.

I still keep in touch with a couple former employees. Doesn't seem like 30 years ago...

The Port Huron & Detroit Railroad Historical Society's Facebook Page can be found here.

Half of all profits from this gallery will be donated to the PH&D Historical Society.
PH&D 1982.07.12-1 northboundPH&D 1982.07.12-2 northboundPH&D 1982.07.12-3 switchingPH&D 1982.07.12-4 switchingPH&D 1982.07.12-5PH&D 1982.07.12-6PH&D 1982.07.13-1 switching by the OfficePH&D 1982.07.13-2 S-1 #52 in the roundhousePH&D 1982.07.13-2 #52's builder's platePH&D 1982.07.13-3 care and feeding of your Alco switcherPH&D 1982.07.13-4 southbound along 32nd StreetPH&D 1982.07.13-5 southbound along 32nd StreetPH&D 1982.07.13-6 southbound along 32nd StreetPH&D 1982.07.13-7PH&D 1982.07.13-8PH&D 1982.07.13-9PH&D 1982.07.13-10PH&D 1982.07.13-11PH&D 1982.07.13-12PH&D 1982.07.13-13

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