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This gallery is a travelogue of a westbound trip on VIA Rail Canada Train #1, The Canadian, in late winter / early spring.

Titles and captions are a work in progress, but the story is there! It took a long time to geotag the images. Nikon GPS doesn't function all that well in a dome car. The cellular GPS in my Lumia Icon depends upon a cell signal - and there's a lot of Canada without cellular coverage (and that's not a complaint!).

All of the images taken from The Canadian were taken from behind windows - so they're not up to my standards for sale. Glare, reflections, spots all contribute to a feeling of being there. Check the CN and VIA Rail Canada galleries for those that passed the quality test.

Shooting through the dome glass of the Park Car or the Skyline proved especially challenging - want to talk about some wild distortions!?

It was a Bucket List trip for me, as it is for many.

I hope you enjoy your journey!

The blog post for the launch of this gallery can be found here.
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