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This gallery brings back memories...

This is the last run of the P&LE (Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad) commuter train that ran between Pittsburgh and College, PA. It's July 12, 1985.

We see the train arriving at College with a crowd waiting.

A train of empty hoppers headed back to the mines passes the 1501. The hopper train is led by a former Rock Island unit - note the paint peeling just behind the cab.

The final images are from the deadhead run back to McKees Rocks, PA.
The last train to College arrives at the station and meets a train of empty hoppers.A crowd greets the train - you could tell it wasn't a normal day.Private car PRR 1155 brings up the rear as the crew prepares to run around the train.Runaround done, the drumhead repositioned.  Time to head home.Crossing the Ohio River Bridge at Beaver.Extra 1501 clear signal!A local is in the siding, a crewman will give a roll-by.Fading away into the night at Montour Junction.

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