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Images from a 2006 shore excursion on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad.

The White Pass was an innovative freight hauling railroad that has reinvented itself as a tourist railroad. The line is original, the locomotives are original, and the cars are new(er) but look original.

I was in the rear car of the train for the first 69 images. You can think of the resultant images in two ways - I was either looking at what we'd just passed on the eastbound trip, or I was looking at what the engineer sees on the westbound trip. Let's go with the engineer's view, as that sounds more exciting!

WP&Y trips that tie into cruise ship shore excursions are an experience. However, they're a little frustrating to mileage collectors, as you only cover a small portion of the railroad. And, what you get for weather is what you get for weather, as it's not like you can go back the next day.

All images made with a Fuji S9000.
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