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These images were taken from 34,000 feet on a flight from London to Los Angeles.

They begin over Davis Strait west of Greenland as the eastern shore of Canada's Baffin Island in Nunavit comes into view. They finish near the western shore of Baffin Island.

The flight path was south of Cape Dyer and Pangnurtung - both just south of the Arctic Circle - so now you know the story behind the gallery name.

The images were made with an iPhone 7 Plus. Hybrid noise removal and slight sharpening were applied. The images are otherwise direct from the camera and are in the order taken.

While these may not adorn many walls, they are of something not seen everyday, and I thought they were worth having their own gallery for that reason.

As I researched Baffin Island, I added it to my Bucket List. Got to have your dreams...
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