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This is a visual travelogue of a trip to Manitoba in late July - early August of 2017. Not all of the images are fit to print - I think I've called out most of them in their captions.

We explored Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, Riding Mountain National Park, and, most importantly, Churchill. Churchill had been on my list ever since I read an article about the mixed train that used to serve the line.

There's something for everyone in Manitoba - blue skies, beluga whales, polar bears, rolling fields, Northern Lights, planes, trains, friendly people, history and scenery. I'll be doing a blog post with more details about the trip and will link it here when it's done.

If you want to see all of the trains and planes from this journey, the easiest way it to go the Search Bar and type in MB (for Manitoba) and the site will magically pull everything together for you.

There will be a gallery of the great Winnipeg Railway Museum at Winnipeg Union Station in the Trains section. I spent a couple of hours there on a rainy day - interesting and educational.

I didn't crop any of the images in staying with the theme of the site - "your image how you want it." Some images are never going to make it onto anyone's wall as they're simply not great - I know that and I decided to put them into this gallery anyway to share our Manitoba experience.

The Churchill part of our trip was with Lazy Bear Expeditions. I have no qualms about recommending Lazy Bear - it was a great worry-free package excursion.

When asked where we were heading for vacation, the two most common responses we got were "why?" and "where is that?" These images definitely answer the "why" questions. As far as the where, "go north!"

I've been very fortunate to travel to many places in my life. I've always sought out new places and new experiences, and still do. But among those dreams is the desire to go back to experience more of Churchill. If I could be on my way there tomorrow...

Misty Travel has the inside track to my insights. Contact them if you're interested in going north!

Lastly, if I made any errors in the captions, please let me know. I've attempted to make this more than just a typical visual travelogue.

Thanks for looking!
CEMR and the Winnipeg skylineCN and the Winnipeg skylineThe Esplanade RielWInnipeg Union Station from the CMHRWinnipeg, Shaw Field and the Red River.Truth.First Nations artwork.translucent passagespowerful messageInuktitut 101Inuktitut 102Color farmland patchworklakes and a riverGreens and brownsCalm Air at Churchill YYQWelcome to Churchill!Bear TrapMountain AvenPolar Bear JailMountain Avens

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