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BNSF trains operating on former Burlington Northern rails.

The heritage of these lines shown to date are SP&S (Spokane, Portland and Seattle), NP (Northern Pacific) and GN (Great Northern).

All images identified as being from the CRG (Columbia River Gorge) are on former SP&S (Spokane Portland and Seattle) rails. For the purposes of this page, the Columbia River Gorge refers to the ex-SP&S on the north bank of the Columbia River from Vancouver to Wishram, WA.
BNSF 2185 West, Vancouver WA 3BNSF 3009, Vancouver WA 1BNSF 3009, Vancouver WA 2BNSF 4467 East, Sandpoint IDBNSF 5175 West, Deep Creek IDBNSF 5339 West, Sandpoint IDBNSF 7429 and 2347, Vancouver WABNSF eastbound, Sandpoint ID

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