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Fall foliage in New Hampshire.

These photos are from several different days and trips - the same location does not always look the same! Lighting or lack thereof, recent rain and time of day all play in to foliage shots.

The images labeled as "Swift River" were taken at various locations along the Kancamangus Highway.
Albany Covered Bridge, Swift River 1Albany Covered Bridge, Swift River 2Albany Covered Bridge, Swift River 3Albany Covered Bridge, Swift River 4Ellis River above Glen Ellis FallsEllis River at Glen Ellis FallsFlume CascadeLeafs 1Leafs 2Leafs 3Leafs, Alternative, 1Leafs, Alternative, 2Leafs, Alternative, 3Pemigewasset River Covered BridgeRocky Gorge, Swift River 1Rocky Gorge, Swift River 2Rocky Gorge, Swift River 3Rocky Gorge, Swift River 4Rocky Gorge, Swift River 5Saco Lake 1

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