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BNSF trains operating on former Burlington Northern rails.

The heritage of these lines shown to date are SP&S (Spokane, Portland and Seattle), NP (Northern Pacific) and GN (Great Northern).

All images identified as being from the CRG (Columbia River Gorge) are on former SP&S (Spokane Portland and Seattle) rails. For the purposes of this page, the Columbia River Gorge refers to the ex-SP&S on the north bank of the Columbia River from Vancouver to Wishram, WA.
BNSF 2185 West, Vancouver WA 3BNSF 3009 -1, Vancouver WABNSF 3009 -2, Vancouver WABNSF 4467 East, Sandpoint IDBNSF 5175 West, Deep Creek IDBNSF 5339 West, Sandpoint IDBNSF 7429 and 2347, Vancouver WABNSF eastbound, Sandpoint ID

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